Look at this dog. Just trying to get his/her chill on. (I can’t see below the water to get that pronoun right, and I feel that the search is a bit distasteful anyway.) Walking ever so slowly around the pool. Standing really. Walking only when absolutely necessary. Like when some dolt throws a ball too close. I suspect someone JUST had a grooming session and doesn’t want to muss the pretty, pretty job the groomer did. I can dig it. You can see the thinly-veiled disgust as he/she looks around at these other whatever-they-are animals! that keep making that unholy NOISE NOISE NOISE. I can hear his/her thoughts now. Sure, they look like me, and, yet, I don’t feel like I have anything at all in common with them. Why do they insist on paddling about like that. They look so hyper. Not graceful like me. And that horrendous sound they are making. GOD, shut up already! They disgust me.

Feed my skull resident...

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