I’ve seen this complete ad exactly twice: Subaru Ad “First Day of School”
nd the reason for that is the spontaneous descent into WTH? crying. You know what WTH? crying is, right? That’s the crying where you are like WHAT THE HELL? because you are crying way too hard for the current set of circumstances to justify. The first time I watched it I was reminded of the kids’ first days of school and I thought that nostalgia kick might explain a tear or two but not the crying onslaught I was experiencing. On second viewing it was very very clear what caused the WTH? crying. That little girl’s face!!! Look at that face! Do you see it? That face causes a WTH? crying session for me every time that ad comes on, so the minute I see the beginning I tackle whoever holds the remote and change the channel. People have been battered and bruised, but it’s worth it.

If I were cast as the parent, they would have had quite a bit of trouble getting this commercial done. I can see them taking forever to get everything all set up for the shoot. ACTION! And as I’m standing there by her side and deliver my line, I happen to catch a glimpse of that face. I’d grab her impulsively and shout over my shoulder, “I’m driving her. No damn way am I making her get on that bus all by herself.” And……CUT!

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