My daughter will be doing some of the pictures for an upcoming infographic, but working with her has its challenges as she’s an opinionated 9yo with her own (unrequested) take on what I’m going for.

Me: I need a graphic of a baby, a preschooler, and a school-age kid.
Anna: Can they be aliens?
Me: No.
Anna: How about giraffes?
Me: Yeah, that’s also a no.

Anna draws a prototype of the baby. With a tail. And a horn. Oh yes, and wings. As you do. We argue whether her drawings represent what I’ve requested from her. I say no. She says that I didn’t clarify that there were to be no tails, horns, or wings. I felt that didn’t need to be clarified as humans don’t sport those attributes.

Here are her final graphics. These will work, but next time I’m going back to doing my own as she’s a pain in my behind. She’s still complaining that I made her remove the tails. And now I have a crazy desire to see that episode of The X-Files which simultaneously fascinated and horrified me.


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