Why aren’t you prepared for the entire part of the transaction?

I don’t understand. More and more I find myself behind people in checkout lines who appear completely baffled when the cashier looks at them after announcing the total. It’s really bizarre. Is there some new type of store popping up across the land where people grab a bunch of items, load them in a cart, have a cashier scan each item, announce the total of the items, and this is the end of the interaction? No money is offered in exchange for the items? And, these people are assuming all businesses operate this way? Because I don’t see a great future for this type of business. And also, it sounds a lot like stealing. Or some BOGO situation where someone doesn’t understand what the B in BOGO stands for. And I really don’t know where that chap is going to go with YOLO.

Or are these people time-travelers? Is it possible that they’ve scored themselves some era-appropriate duds (so as to fit in visually) but are completely unprepared for the final piece of the puzzle in these types of situations? Although, if that’s the case, shouldn’t they be prepared to at least offer something in exchange for all these goods they’ve just received from the friendly and talkative fellow who’s just packaged all their items and is now looking at them expectantly? Perhaps a deer hide or some spices? A satchel of doubloons? I mean, come on!

And if this is just about people knowing they need to pay, but feeling very unrushed about the entire process, despite the young mother with the 15 children all screaming in unison because of Señor Slowpoke and his desperate insistence on inspecting carefully the scanning of each item to verify that all is being done properly, how are we expected to suppress our inner screams of exasperation when he waits until each item has been bagged before removing his wallet from his back pocket and handing over a STACK OF COUPONS. Dude, you’re killing me. It’s true. You’ve subtracted years off of my life. And I heard 5 audible sighs from directly behind me. 1 from a child. A child. Even the child can process how ridiculous you are. Sir, I told you about the 5 audible sighs, and I think you heard them, too. Although you are a pretty oblivious sort. But the rest of the line consists of people rolling their eyes at you so hard, one of them almost lost his balance. Also, you’re in the 10 items or less line with your 20+ items. You bet we’re shooting you the stink eye. Fool.

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