While I was busy procrastinating, I found a few things.

  • My dream job would be to write for The Onion. And, once again, they nail it on what has been a controversial topic.
  • My family is completely obsessed with Duck Dynasty. Halloween costumes have been discussed ad nauseum, and now the main concern is how to incorporate Lexi (the dog) into the costuming. (I do happen to think a proper Duck Dynasty beard would look hilarious on her. Yes, they sell ’em. Scary, yes?) I would really enjoy having Si and Jase join our family events because listening to the two of them banter is worth all the facial hair insanity and disparate camo patterns you are forced to endure.
  • I love Tim Gunn!! I think the main reason I watch Project Runway is for his occasional appearance. He’s such a calming presence and can also kick you into gear when necessary.
  • Though I would be endlessly twitchy if forced to endure Chelsea Handler‘s company for more than a few minutes because I would be waiting for her to attack me with some really well-played barb, I think “After Lately” is hilarious!
  • Is JEAH! the dumbest thing ever? Yeah it is; so please stop, Lochte!

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