Hey Schiavone, don’t feel bad. I’m certain you had no idea that the warm up attire for last night’s match was quite so formal. I hope that Serena’s next opponents will take note so that they won’t have to face the same embarrassment you no doubt faced as you looked across the net and witnessed Serena going through her warm-up routine while dressed in a formal jacket.

This jacket is not right, y'all.

This jacket is not right, y’all.


OK, I can’t even with that jacket. Nike produced that jacket for her. I have to assume that they must have some sort of plan to sell it to other people. I mean, I wasn’t a business major, so I don’t have an in-depth understanding of economies of scale. But I get the broad strokes. So, I have to guess that there is an assumption that this jacket that Serena was sporting (HA, see what I did there? What? It was funny. Funnyish?) would appeal to other tennis players and even, perhaps, other athletes. But who in the world is buying that jacket? For one thing, how comfortable could it POSSIBLY be to play any sport in? And secondly? It’s fugly as all get out. Damn straight. I believe that sartorial choice has to be the most egregious in all sport fashion. OK, I’m sure there is something I’ve missed that tops this one. It IS grey. It could have been produced in some atrocious color like seafoam green to amp up the fug that much more. So, someone has certainly worn something worse at some point in history. But this one is way up there on the scale of fashion don’t. Right? Or am I underdressed when I play sports, and no one has wanted to break my spirit by telling me I need to up my game? HA! I did it again. See? Right? It’s funny. Huh? No? FINE THEN, GRUMPSTERS!!!

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    Her whole outfit was terrible! Again! I missed the jacket, thankfully, but her dress was hideous and unflattering and I did NOT appreciate the view of her rack every time she received serve. You know, she DID have a decent outfit this year. I believe at the French. Why couldn’t she just wear that in a different color? Does she not test drive those things? We all know the wind swirls at the US Open, so please don’t make us see your big orange-clad butt every time it does so. Plan ahead lady!

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      Yes! Test drive the outfits! Good point. I can’t relate but I can sympathize with her issues dressing her girls. But give your outfits a test drive during your daily workouts instead of having them debut in front of the US Open crowd. I must find a picture of that jacket!

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