I kid, of course. One thing all pro sports players understand and sympathize with is a defeat like Murray suffered yesterday. Particularly Federer, as he’s fresh off one of his own. They should meet up for a little commiserating party, although that sounds terribly sad, and neither of them seems particularly inclined. Too stoic to participate in a pity session. In the best way. I think the way both of them handled their defeats was graceful, and that’s behavior you want kids to witness and emulate. No temper tantrums that I have to explain away to JT, so he won’t think it’s normal and acceptable, though it’s becoming annoyingly so.

Did you see Wawrinka’s face fall when he sat down for the press conference, grinning like he just played the match of his career, and received lukewarm applause? It was sad. Wawrinka’s been living in Fed’s shadow for years. He’s a great guy who finally has his moment in the sun, and I think it’s pretty ridiculous the press couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for the guy. It’s ok, Wawrinka. Just let that be your motivation in the next round. You’re going to need it against Djokovic. You know, Wawrinka probably had the toughest road of anyone if you look at who he’s played. His draw was nasty.

I have to mention my extreme disappointment that the Bryans are out of the doubles. I love watching them play, and I was hoping to see them complete the single year Grand Slam. (Yes, I do think it should be capitalized.) But they certainly came up against a team who outplayed them.

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