I think I was always meant to be born and raised in the Lowcountry because every time we go there I feel like I’m coming home. So, I guess Matthew and I may have to retire there some day or I’ll just be stuck vacationing there as often as possible to scratch that itch.

We spent a couple of days including July 4th in Charleston to introduce the kids to what may be my favorite city. We did the touristy things like: fireworks party on the Harbourview Inn rooftop, a carriage ride, a visit to the aquarium, a trip to Fort Sumter, a swing through the Charleston City Market and dinners at Magnolia’s and High Cotton. We spent the rest of the time walking the historic section on foot and admiring the views. Everywhere with the views! I love Charleston so much. If you visit Charleston, I highly recommend the Harbourview Inn. The location was perfect, and the accommodations were faultless.

As far as Kiawah, what can I say? I adore Kiawah Island. Matthew and I have been going there for years. I think this was our 11th trip. The kids have been before (JT twice and Anna once) but both were such little tots they didn’t remember it. The waves are not going to win any surfing awards. But of course, that is part of what I like about it. I can send Anna and JT out into the water and relax on the beach with a book. And I can get out in the water with them and we can all play for hours and still be thoroughly entertained. With boogie boards. Sure, we aren’t riding any waves that take your breath away, but my neck and back aren’t protesting at night after a day of wave-riding. Pros and cons. In this case, the pros outweigh the cons for me. Poor Matthew. The family managed to ride one wave together. We looked around as we rode towards the beach, and we were all surprised to see each other. We did some eye fives, and when we finally reached the beach, Matthew got up, grabbed his board, and went up to sit down and read. He knew that was as good as it was going to get. You have to understand that we’ve vacationed at Emerald Isle multiple years running with hurricanes churning up the surf. He’s used to some pounders. As am I. I was grateful for the respite. Funny story. I had a similar reaction to his for the opposite reason a couple of years back. We were at Emerald Isle and I was boogie-boarding. I was catching some sweet rides. The waves were fast and furious. I’m not one to brag. Really. But one of the few things I can do is catch a wave. I’ve got the timing down. So, these waves were getting sneaky on me. I didn’t realize that they were getting bigger as the tide was coming in which meant the break was changing a bit too, and there was a significant drop that really made your whole body take notice. I caught one wave and that wave was like, “Imma put a hurtin’ on this stupid idiot!” I was laughing and then the bottom fell out and I dropped and I swear to you now I dropped for a full 5 minutes and hit the bottom and the wave tried to flip me but I wouldn’t be flipped and that wave said, “I’ll be DAMNED if you won’t be feeling my wrath!” and the wave proceeded to make multiple attempts to break my neck and back. I made it to where I could stand again. I got up, retrieved my boogie board, attempted to retrieve my dignity but it was nowhere to be found, and retreated to my chair on the beach. I didn’t do any more boogie-boarding that trip. But it’s ok. I’ve been catching waves since I was a young kid. Waves of significant size. For years. So, I’ve had my turn. Sure, I have. I’ve had more than my share. It’s time for someone else now. So it’s ok that I now have to ride the sad little baby waves. It’s ok. It’s o.k. I’m not     going      to             be                   sad                      .

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