Lexi’s tail tucking sessions have been conducted outside, UNTIL THIS MORNING. Cue ominous music. (For the back story on tail tucking, see this post.) This morning, Lexi tail tucked for a full 30 minutes around the kitchen and den like a damn fool, and I was frankly terrified. I considered finding a stool to perch upon and watch her from a position of safety, but I put on my big girl panties and stayed on the floor and attempted to regain some sort of control over the proceedings. I tried to escort her outside. She snorted in contempt and escorted herself to her water bowl for some refreshment to get her ready for her next spin. I encouraged her to play with a couple of her rope toys. She shook them so hard that they spun through the air and one landed on the mantle of the fireplace and the other landed on the top of a bookcase. I left them there assuming that she did not want to see them again. Best not to piss her off. Things were…..rearranged during her tail tucking session. I don’t know if it was a rebellion against our design aesthetic, but she moved rugs to new locations, throw pillows to different pieces of furniture, and tables ever so slightly to the left. She moved her bed as well. Perhaps there was a draft in the old location. I would have asked her, but she had the crazy eyes and I didn’t want to attract any attention.

And, in true Lexi style, she concluded her tail tucking session with a flourish. In one fated sprint she ran headlong into the end of the cabinets. She staggered a bit and looked at me with eyes that were beginning to return to Standard Lexi. She went to get more water and then lay down on her bed. She seemed puzzled by its new location. After a few minutes, I checked to make sure there was no giant bump on her noggin after her collision with the cabinets, but I was very careful not to wake her so as not to start round two.

Feed my skull resident...

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