Thoughts on Mad Men: Season 7, Lost Horizon (SPOILERS)



OK, Weiner’s turning up the heat. Don’s staring out the windows of his new office, and then playing with the window. It’s a credits punk, right? I get it. But the D B Cooper theory is looking more and more likely. Or at least, a variation of that.

For such a packed episode, I don’t have a lot to say. The women are clearly screwed. Boutiques are better for the Peggy and Joan types. Joan, especially. As we discussed last week, Joan has a whole other set of baggage to deal with when it comes to men taking her seriously. Bottom line is that two of my favorite characters are facing a very bad ending because working for a big company filled with a bunch of dudebros means they’ll be starting at the very bottom of the heap regardless of their prior experience. And don’t kid yourself that it’s not gender related. They are rolling out the red carpet for Don. Now, of course, Don susses out that the red carpet at a place as big as McCann amounts to nothing he wants any part of, but that’s beside the point. He’s still being treated as royalty. Meanwhile, Joan’s being forced to watch an idiot ruin what should have been a very standard and easy to approach client call. Peggy has been forgotten/overlooked and/or lumped in with the secretaries in the transition to the new office space and is forced to work in the old SC&P space until they find her an office. This series has always been very transparent about the gender issues of that period, and it’s painful to see that realism continue because it means the realistic ending for Peggy and Joan won’t be pleasant.

I loved watching Roger’s and Peggy’s drinkfest that ended up in a rollerskating display to the accompanient of Roger’s tunes. Seriously fun. It provided some much needed levity to a very depressing episode. I thought it was a nice counterpoint to see how Roger, the epitome of the good ol’ boy network, champions both Peggy and Joan in this episode. Of course, it really just highlighted how much of a dead end McCann is going to be for them. We already see it with Joan in this very episode, but the signs are all there for Peggy as well.

Peggy actually trumped that incredible scene with Roger in the old (and sad) SC&P space when she walked into McCann carting her newly-acquired horny octopus while sporting her cig and sunglasses. The swagger! I love Peggy swagger. We get very little of it, but she’s going to need it if she’s going to make this ending of hers work for me. If Joan’s tragic ending isn’t going to spiral up in some unforeseen way, then I’m going to need Peggy to “burn the place down” for Joan.

Team Peggy!

I’m really looking forward to Sunday.

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