NOTE: Spoilers Below

So things are status quo at the Campbell household? Pete is still a gross, leering, married man, and Trudy is adorable but a touch clueless to some of the underlying baseness around her. Or is she? I am so glad that she is such a ball-buster when pushed to her limit. Loved that scene where she finally told Pete off. Also, do the sideburns just totally transform Vincent’s face, or is it just me?

Interesting that we seem to have a continuing cigarette excuse that Don uses to go and shag the doctor’s wife. I hope that comes back to bite him later with the play on the husband continuing to tell him to quit each time he mentions the smokes. It’s so odd that I find Don to be more redeemable than Pete. They are both really detestable, so it’s strange that I see any redeemable qualities in Don. Maybe it’s because Don’s affairs are always relationships whereas Pete’s are brief flings — but no less dangerous, huh Pete? I have no idea why that seems to make a difference in acceptability subconsciously because as I typed it out they both sound equally contemptible to me.

Loved Peggy’s team getting a little laugh at her expense. Maybe this will start dislodging that stick of hers. But probably not. I do think it’s interesting that it took Chaough to push Peggy to pursue Heinz Ketchup. I knew she had a soft spot for the old crew, but I thought she was ambitious enough to go after Heinz on her own without needing Chaough to push her. And, of course, she may have gotten there. It will be interesting to see if she can overcome the remnants of her loyalty to Stan and Don to land the account.

I hope the whole Megan miscarriage bit is era-relevant instead of an agenda Weiner is trying to push because he’s got the vehicle to do so. It’s interesting to watch Megan and Don talk around the subject of kids without putting their cards fully on the table because my suspicion is that Don feels exactly as she does about a pregnancy because he doesn’t want more kids.

Of course, Don orders an old-fashioned at dinner. We get it already. He’s behind the times and out of touch. You don’t have to hit us over the head with it.

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