As Megan tells Don about her upcoming onscreen love affair, Don says, “Honey, I can tolerate this, but I can’t encourage it,” without a trace of irony. And poor, naive Megan says, “You’re perfect.” Ah yes, this is one of many examples of what I love about ‘Mad Men.’ Dear Don, you are a giant hypocrite. Strangely, I have considered you redeemable until this episode. Now, you are dead to me. Don, meet Walt. Aside to Vince Gilligan, please don’t do this to Jesse’s character.

So my thoughts in random order:

  • Harry is a knob. He comes up with something finally and thinks he’s now on par with Joan who has almost single-handedly been keeping that place running for years? Yeah, Harry, no. You’re a tool. Take your check from Bert and Roger, and consider yourself very lucky they didn’t laugh out loud when you again insisted you should be a partner. 
  • That was a pretty forceful swing proposal. And to have it come from your boss is awkward. Don didn’t bother to hide his disgust at their proclivity, but, um dude, glass houses.
  • Aw, Pegs. You earned the bird from Stan. Sorry ’bout that. I love ya, but I am surprised to say that I love Stan, too. But, congrats. That is one sweet campaign.

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  1. Tom


    Agreed, agreed, agreed! Fantastic summary. I have a hankerin to go now and fix a drink and have a smoke.

  2. Reply

    I particularly hate how Don compares his wives to prostitutes, because they a)wear a yellow bikini or b) do a kissing scene on TV. What does that make him? And why is he nicer to his lovers than his wives? Why? When will you grow up Don?

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