NOTE: Spoilers Below

Watching the play of expressions on Don’s face when the doc came to the back door in his bathrobe for some wrapping paper was fun. I like it when Don is uncomfortable and trying to figure out the meaning of something that is innocent but because of his proclivities seems to Don as if it may not be. My guess is the doc knows what’s going on and is trying to jerk Don’s chain. But that’s purely speculation.

As much as my tolerance for Don has reached its breaking point, my love for the dinner scene where he told Herb from Jaguar off was perhaps the best part of the episode for me and, of course, that’s due to Herb’s treatment of Joan. Loved that scene. But I’m fully in Joan’s corner, and she was certainly right. If anyone deserved to deliver the knockout punch to Herb, it was Joan. Since she didn’t, the rest of them (DON!) needed to suck it up instead of white knighting it. However, like I said, best scene of the night for me. So, I’m horrified to say, I’m no better than Don in wanting someone to save Joan from any further interaction with that rodent.

I guess I was right about Ted feeling romantical about Peggy last week based on the kiss he laid on her. And it appears the feeling’s mutual.

Well, well, well. What fun it was to watch Roger get his game on. And Don seeking to regain his misplaced mojo by landing Chevy…it was fun to see the old energy back between those two in those scenes. As far as the idea of Chaough and Don aligning forces, I feel like Don is the idea man and Chaough is the results man. In theory, they should balance each other out nicely. But giant egos don’t coexist peacefully. This is going to be an uneasy alliance at best. It’s going to blow up spectacularly. But I’m on board and excited to watch this play out. Watching how Peggy interacts with her old mentor and her new mentor+ is going to be interesting.

NOTE: Of course I never saw a merger between the two agencies coming though I’m sure much smarter people did, but when Roger was sitting in Don’s office and said “Shut the door” when Don entered, I immediately thought back to that masterful “Shut the door. Have a seat” season 3 finale just like Weiner wanted me to.

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