Happy Memorial Day!!

A few brief thoughts since today is a holiday and I’m ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day:

Unless I misheard, Peggy had the line of the episode talking about Ted vs. Don and the navigating she and the rest of the agency are doing to accommodate the two giant egos. “The difference is that he’s interested in the idea, and you’re interested in your idea.” That is the truth nougat right there. And it’s the reason I’m far more interested in watching Ted in action than Don these days.

Don’s not a sociopath, right? His biggest issue with the Jaguar account (aside from Herb’s general asshattery) was the nastiness with Herb and Joan which suggests a moral code. But for some reason when I watched that scene with Don, Betty and Bobby at lunch, what kept running through my mind was, Is he a sociopath? I’m not shocked that Don and Betty slept together. I think it did Betty no harm provided Henry remains in the dark, so, for once, Betty got the better end of the deal. I really enjoyed watching her out-Don Don.

Bob Benson. Bob, Bob, Bob. I’m intrigued to see what happens when he shows his true colors. I don’t think that story arc is going to have a happy ending.

Peggy and Ted. Peggy and Stan. Well, we knew it wasn’t going to be Peggy and Abe for the long haul. Awkward break-up there. Peggy couldn’t really let him have it while he’s sitting there all stab-wounded by her. I don’t know whether to root for a Peggy and Ted or a Peggy and Stan result. I think I’m leaning towards Peggy and Stan. Poor Ted. I’m gratified to see that he’s fighting his feelings. It makes me think I had him pegged correctly when I said he was a good guy. UPDATE: Except that I just watched the episode I recorded and realized that I missed a lot in the final scene. Looks like Ted had me fooled after all since it appears he’s only interested in an unobtainable Peggy. Well, I’ve been rooting for Stan for multiple seasons now. Treat her right, Stan. She deserves it.

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