NOTE: Spoilers Below

Abe is a nice foil to the rest of the male characters that we spend time with in ‘Mad Men’ world, and I really love the glimpses into his character. It’s too bad there’s no real passion in his and Peggy’s relationship because there’s a nice easiness there. There seems to be something more than the professional between Peggy and Ted. In that scene between Peggy, Ted, and Ted’s wife, I got the distinct impression that Ted might be mentioning Peggy a little too much at home. I still believe Stan and Peggy have a connection as well. Of course the ‘Mad Men’ fanfic folks have that angle covered.

I’m sure the fact that the announcement that Martin Luther King was killed was met with immediate acceptance instead of that initial moment of disbelief was deliberate and very representative of the uncertainty of the times. It was fascinating to see how everyone reacted. That Harry reacted the way he did wasn’t surprising at all, but the fact that Pete was the counterpoint reaction was. But this reaction of Pete’s (and Don’s scene with Megan at the end of the episode) underscores again what I love about ‘Mad Men.’ Every time I’m tempted to paint a character with broad strokes and dismiss him/her outright based on some vile behavior, we get further insight that makes us rethink things. There are always nuances to explore in each of the characters and none of them, thankfully, fit into an easy stereotype.

Megan’s award sitting on the sofa forgotten is an interesting reminder to Don of how everything comes so easy to Megan in Don’s eyes. She effortlessly cares for the kids that he has no idea how to raise. She wins an award for an ad campaign that she dabbled in for about a minute. Her acting career is going well — she’s certainly on an upward trend. She is at the beginning of what looks to be a successful career and he is struggling to maintain credibility and relevance. I doubt Megan would agree with the assessment that everything comes easy to her, but, certainly from Don’s perspective, she leads a charmed life.

This episode was significant, and it’s time to bring in the pros. Take it away Orange Couch.

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