This squirrel is nuts. This squirrel is ALL nuts.

The quality of this picture is all kinds of bad. Please forgive me for that. It’s really egregious. But I had to tweak this and alter that just to give you a look at what the family and I got to enjoy at a stoplight this beautiful Sunday. Let’s avoid looking at the circled area at first, OK? We pull up behind this pick-up truck at the stoplight, and we begin to study this fine piece of artwork as we wait for the stoplight to release us. We’ve got places to go, people. We see a Jesus present, which is great. It is Sunday. It’s nice to see him come out and hang with us at the stoplight, giving his blessings to the animals displayed on the truck in front of us. I hear someone from the back of the car – it must be JT, I realize later – mention something about nuts. I begin to study the picture a little more closely. Hey, there’s a squirrel. Hanging with the rest of the animals which are mostly dogs and cats. That’s pretty odd. One lone squirrel. Wait, something about that squirrel is a little strange. I’d think he’d be awfully uncomfortable sitting on those giant….. Yeah, I see what you were talking about there, JT. As I chuckle, I look up and notice the driver of the truck looking in the rearview mirror. She’s waiting for the reaction shot from the car occupants behind her. And there’s the payoff.



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