These are a few of my favorite things.

Mad Men is almost here!! Glad The Orange Couch is back with it.

The Amazing Race seems particularly scenic to me this season, and I’m not referring to Phil. OK, maybe a little bit. He is pretty but most importantly awesome. No, Anthony and Bates, I’m not referring to you. However, there is no doubt you are convinced of your pulchritude based on comments you made on the last leg.

I’m enjoying Survivor though I’m not entirely sure why. I hate that the Survivor producers brought Corinne back. She is a toxic person, and I can’t imagine why anyone wants to listen to her. And why are we being subjected to Phillip again? He is a loon, and his StealthRUs was only marginally cute in the first iteration. We all know that Boston Rob carried him, but he seems to believe the fiction he’s selling that he was a partner in that strategy. I’m very happy to see Cochran again. His comments are always entertaining. His self-deprecating style is tempered this time around so that it doesn’t become annoying and remains charming instead, and his ability to read situations quickly and effectively is fun to watch.

OK I know she doesn’t post anymore, but if you haven’t been to her site, you have to take a swing through it with some time on your hands. I promise you will laugh yourself silly.

Love that you can make a dinner reservation months in advance thereby making vacation even more relaxing. Hopefully, I didn’t jinx it. Don’t let us down, Magnolia’s and High Cotton.

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