Andrew Freiden, you are now officially forgiven for that awful bout of crappy weather! What? Well, of course I don’t blame you, a local weatherman, for creating the unseasonably cold, wet and often snowy weather we’ve been having in the recent past. That would be ridiculous. Heh heh. Except I kinda do. I would find myself sitting there waiting for your forecast. Watching you all cute and perky as you’d begin to chat about what we’d have in store for us, then you’d deliver news of an approaching snowstorm in MARCH for the love of all that is sane and good! TWICE!!! (I think it was actually three times, but I can’t even bear to type it because even now it still seems unbearable. The puppy had to put her nether regions in that cold, wet stuff to do her business. Oh, the humanity! Oops…. Oh, the caninity!) And it was like a punch to the gut each time. From you. So, yeah, forgive me for feeling a little grumpy with you, sir. And. Wait. This is beginning to feel combative suddenly. The birds are chirping (outside where they belong!), and I’m feeling peaceful. And there is nothing finer than having the windows open and smelling the great outdoors inside my house where I can enjoy the conveniences of indoor plumbing. (Obviously, I’m not a big camper. I’d camp de-testosteroned Willie-style.) Anyway, I’m loving you now, Mr. Tall, Suited Weatherman. So, carry on with your day, sir.

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