You know when you realize you’re having a sucky day? When you realize that in the family pecking order, you rank below the stupid dog. It should have been obvious sooner, I guess. I am following little princess around picking up her dung. What bigger signal is there that you rank below a being than that you are picking up their shit? But, the realization became a little more clear as I dropped the kids off at their respective schools the other day when I noticed the level of enthusiasm the kids reserve for their goodbyes to the damn dog. Who is asleep on the front seat. And this morning I heard the desperate cry for a return of my affection. I love you, Annnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Love ya, Mom. Bye. BYE LEXI!!!!!! BYEEEEEEEE!!!! I lOVE YOOUUUUUUUUU!!!! And instead of reaching over the front seat to give me a kiss, she reaches over the front seat to pat the dog.

I hereby resign as underappreciated chauffeur.


Feed my skull resident...

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