I was thrilled to see Phil capture his 5th major today, and that it was the British (now The Open Championship) makes it all the sweeter. And what a round!! I knew he had the focus to have a decent round today, but I had no idea he had that round in his pocket! Sorry, Poulter, but his round was better than yours. And also? I’m not really sorry. I always root for Phil first, and then I have a bunch of other favorites that I also root for just the tiniest bit less heartily, although Adam Scott has become the close second. Guess what? No Poulter anywhere in my list of favorites. So thrilled with that entire final day and the outcome! Congrats Team Phil!!!

Feed my skull resident...

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        Oh, you know I’m kidding. Don’t hurt your street-cred with a PC post. But the part of my brain that learned to spot Phil news 10 miles away as a teenager is apparently still alive and kicking.

        (yep, my street-cred dwindles every time I talk like this)

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