Let’s just say that you’re kind of not a winter person. Like so much not a winter person that when it’s winter you go around all grumbly like when the temperature dares to depart the lovely regions of 50 and above and you want to just start beating INanimate objects with a tire iron. I SAID INANIMATE OBJECTS, people. Nobody’s getting beaten with a tire iron around here. There are some objects around the house that are curiously-shaped now, but

Andrew Freiden, you are now officially forgiven for that awful bout of crappy weather! What? Well, of course I don’t blame you, a local weatherman, for creating the unseasonably cold, wet and often snowy weather we’ve been having in the recent past. That would be ridiculous. Heh heh. Except I kinda do. I would find myself sitting there waiting for your forecast. Watching you all cute and perky as you’d begin to chat about what we’d have in store for

To the person in charge of weather, Did you see this? She wrote that a few days ago and I heard someone say snow might be coming! SNOW! Look, she’s wordy. I know it. It’s my personal cross to bear. Getting a one-word command out of her is like pulling teeth. But that post was actually not, so you couldn’t have missed our plea. Let’s get on this. I like to fetch Frisbees and I can’t do that in rain

I’m so sick of winter! This March has been worse than usual because it has tempted us with the brief periods of glorious warmth and then stomped all over our spirit with the unending days of rain and snow, GAH! And could we have picked a worse year to get a puppy? I feel like last year’s March was well-behaved with normal temperatures and proper precipitation. But this year, Lexi and I are looking out the window in disgust. Poor