Why have I not been watching this?

I’m always late to discover the great comedies with the exception of ‘Arrested Development’ back in the day. ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is my new favorite show. Hilarious!!! Between that, ‘The Daily Show,’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ I thought I was set for comedy, but, really, can’t you always use more laughs? Now, you guys are awesome and know what’s worth watching. I’ve heard about ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ — Do I need to be catching up on those? And what else?

Here’s a list of completely unrelated items.

1. Stephen Colbert is Captain of Team Awesome!! His response to the Boston tragedy really was spot on.

2. ‘Breaking Bad’ is not coming back until August 11! ACK! Here’s a chat with some of the cast members to whet our appetites.

3. Oopsies! New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Hansen decided the word women was too boring and overused and decided to spice things up by using the word vaginas in its place (or rather, vagina’s) in an email response to his colleagues during a debate about repealing a law allowing people to use deadly force in self-defense.

What could possibly be missing from those factual tales of successful retreat in VT, Germany, and the bowels of Amsterdam? Why children and vagina’s of course. While the tales relate the actions of a solitary male the outcome cannot relate to similar situations where children and women and mothers are the potential victims.

Sorry, Peter, but the words women and vaginas aren’t interchangeable, my friend. Nope, not even if you dress it up with one of those fancy apostrophes. Sorry, buddy. And let’s 86 the apostrophe, mmmmmkay? Don’t you know that Good Grammar Costs Nothing?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

OK, the traditional holiday season is probably still in the lead by the slimmest of margins. But, Matthew and I love the weekend of The Masters because it’s the first golf major; it takes place in a beautiful setting; and it heralds the approach of summer, my favorite season. I love seeing all the pretty azaleas in bloom at Augusta National and imagine the glorious temperatures the golfers are enjoying down in Georgia, though I don’t really need to imagine those temperatures this year. 91 degrees today, really? Though it’s a pretty tall order to expect him to repeat, I would love to see a Bubba Watson win, and his teary press conference performance talking about what he did with his green jacket makes me root for him all the more.

I’m rooting for Bubba, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Keegan Bradley, Ernie Els, Matt Kuchar, Graeme McDowell, Jim Furyk, David Toms (I know he almost never makes the cut but he’s still a favorite of mine) and, of course, Phil Mickelson. And I always root for the sentimental favorite, Fred Couples. I’m going to sit on the sofa with my arms around my kids (who no doubt will be playing on their favorite devices because what kids in their right minds would watch golf on tv?) and watch golf for hours. And if Tiger wins? Well, boo to that result.

Watch for a similar post discussing the magic that is Wimbledon in a couple of months. Ahhhhh, Wimbledon…..

Finally, the ‘Mad Men’ premiere I’ve been anticipating for so long

NOTE: Spoilers below

So, you’d think if a person was desperate for the return of one of their favorite shows ever that person might have had the sense to check the time that show was premiering, right? Well, no. But my DVR had me covered, and I was able to skip the commercials which made viewing more enjoyable anyway. I have to start with the “Oooh look, shiny things!” part. ‘Breaking Bad’ is coming soon as well as ‘The Killing’ which the promos sprinkled helpfully through the ‘Mad Men’ premiere kept promising. As ‘Breaking Bad’ shares favorite drama ever status with ‘Mad Men,’ I’m obviously impatient for the final episodes to start airing.

As far as the ‘Mad Men’ premiere goes, my favorite exchange of the night occurred when Mona was comforting Roger after his mother’s funeral. He’s saying he feels nothing and he needs a drink. Mona says, “She lived a long time. She knew that you loved her. So maybe there’s nothing to drink about.” Of course Roger says that he feels he didn’t spend enough time with her, but Mona’s point is taken. No guilt. No regrets. About that relationship. But he has family that he needs to be more mindful about, and he could use his relationship with his mother as a reference point.

My least favorite exchange of the night goes to Betty and Henry discussing raping Sandy. WTH was up with that? Wouldn’t any girl be lucky to have a benefactor like Betty? The scene with just Sandy and Betty had me twitchy waiting for Betty to do something irrevocable. I have trouble feeling sympathetic for Betty’s character though I certainly did when she was hitched to ol’ cheatin’ Don, and I think that rapey talk with Henry might have been the last straw coupled with her continuing neglect of Sally while, as usual, showing more interest in other people’s children.

There was so much else to appreciate about the episode, but every scene with Peggy was a pure delight. I’m glad that she’s still in touch with Stan. I love how she has become such a force. She always had it in her so it’s true to that character. But it’s just so much fun to see her hit her stride and being appreciated for her value. It was long overdue. I’m starting to love you, Chaough!

I’m so surprised that Don is cheating again. /sarcasm

My TV viewing will be so much more enjoyable. Buh-bye Corinne!

Best blindside ever on Survivor last night! Seeing Corinne’s face finally morph into something other than condescension and smugness for once was just so satisfying, and the realization that Michael can again be a fully-formed person instead of just being Corinne’s “the gay” was equally awesome. Welcome back to the real world, Michael. I know he was thrilled to resume complete person status instead of being identified solely based on his sexual orientation. She is just an absolute nightmare, but she’s gone! Woohoo!!

Favorite moments included Cochran winning immunity, Dawn letting Cochran in on Corinne’s strategy since I was so concerned that she was holding a grudge based on their last season, and, best of all, Corinne being voted out after her smug comments during tribal council which may have even influenced Erik to vote as he did.