I believe I mentioned in my last tripping post that I was going to do an infographic about what to do when you are playing the starring role in a tripping situation and post that sucker in the week following the last one. Yeah, I missed that deadline by a mile, but it was a sucker deadline. Because who gives a tiny rat’s ass whether I post a damn infographic or not. Particularly today. Nevertheless, I promised you an infographic,

I just saw this poor woman trip while traveling up an escalator. She looked away and hastily exited the area after retrieving her fallen lunch, and if she had looked up at me, she would have seen that I wasn’t laughing but empathizing with her. One time in college, I was walking in front of this hill where many of the students congregated. I trip-walked OUT OF MY SHOE and tried to nonchalantly play it off by CONTINUING ON MY