Wimbledon Women’s Late Round Notes

So I already disliked Bartoli, probably unfairly, but after she ended Sloane’s run, you can bet I am actively rooting against her regardless of her opponent in this and all future tournaments. Come on Flipkens!! Truthfully, I just don’t like her style of play. I really liked Seles, but it wasn’t because of her two-hand forehand and backhand. I liked her style of play and her sportsmanship. I cannot say the same for Bartoli. And I have to wonder why you would ever cede so much court to your opponents by playing both forehand and backhand two-handed. It just makes no sense. Add that to all her theatrics and flailing about on the court which are so ridiculous and distracting, and I’m just not able to root for her.

I’m a huge fan of Radwanska’s type of game. She’s able to play any tennis shot you can think of and probably practices the tweener on the regular because everything else in her game is so solid she needs the challenge. Check out this vid of her pulling out a tweener on Ivanovic (another of my faves) at the French.

I love watching her play. She plays a tactical game of finesse that is refreshing in a sea of booming serves and trading power backhands and forehands from the baseline. It’s why I loved watching Hingis play, and it’s why I seriously mourned the loss of Henin when she retired at the pinnacle of her career. I hope Aga does well against Lisicki (who I like but who doesn’t have anywhere near the breadth of game that Aga does) and doesn’t fall short after so many long 3-set matches. She’s all I have left thanks to Bartoli. Boo, Bartoli.

Confession is good for the soul: I’m too invested in Roger Federer’s tennis career.

So Wild Wednesday at Wimbledon happened, and I needed a few days to grieve. That’s a sign that I’m way too invested in Fed’s success in the majors if I can’t watch any of the Wimbledon matches (ANY OF THEM!!) for three days (THREE DAYS!!) because I’m mourning the fact that his grand slam quarters streak ended and he won’t be featured in any more Wimbledon matches this year. I’ve followed his career from the onset, and I know he’s nearing its end. So I’ve made alternate plans for whom I’ll root for in situations when he receives an early round boot. Unfortunately, Rafa factored heavily into that plan followed by Jo Willy. So, my plans were effectively turned into a steaming pile of poo this year at the All England Club. I was also very sad to see Sharapova eliminated. Fortunately, I’ve still got two women I’d really like to see do well, so that’s where I’ll focus my attention for the rest of the tournament. Come on Sloane and Aga!

Bring on the US hard court season! US Open, please be kind to FedEx!!