If I had a laminated card of them (which I don’t, though it kind of sounds like me since I always identified with Ross’ utter dorkitude), Colbert would be located high on the list because I’m a complete sucker for his sense of humor and timing. And I bet I’m not the only one who has him high on his or her list. Huffington Post shares the love, too. I will freely admit to shedding multiple tears at the end

1. Stephen Colbert is Captain of Team Awesome!! His response to the Boston tragedy really was spot on. 2. ‘Breaking Bad’ is not coming back until August 11! ACK! Here’s a chat with some of the cast members to whet our appetites. 3. Oopsies! New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Hansen decided the word women was too boring and overused and decided to spice things up by using the word vaginas in its place (or rather, vagina’s) in an email response