As Megan tells Don about her upcoming onscreen love affair, Don says, “Honey, I can tolerate this, but I can’t encourage it,” without a trace of irony. And poor, naive Megan says, “You’re perfect.” Ah yes, this is one of many examples of what I love about ‘Mad Men.’ Dear Don, you are a giant hypocrite. Strangely, I have considered you redeemable until this episode. Now, you are dead to me. Don, meet Walt. Aside to Vince Gilligan, please don’t do

NOTE: Spoilers Below So things are status quo at the Campbell household? Pete is still a gross, leering, married man, and Trudy is adorable but a touch clueless to some of the underlying baseness around her. Or is she? I am so glad that she is such a ball-buster when pushed to her limit. Loved that scene where she finally told Pete off. Also, do the sideburns just totally transform Vincent’s face, or is it just me? Interesting that we

NOTE: Spoilers below So, you’d think if a person was desperate for the return of one of their favorite shows ever that person might have had the sense to check the time that show was premiering, right? Well, no. But my DVR had me covered, and I was able to skip the commercials which made viewing more enjoyable anyway. I have to start with the “Oooh look, shiny things!” part. ‘Breaking Bad’ is coming soon as well as ‘The Killing’