What in the wide world of sports was Serena wearing to warm up last night?

Hey Schiavone, don’t feel bad. I’m certain you had no idea that the warm up attire for last night’s match was quite so formal. I hope that Serena’s next opponents will take note so that they won’t have to face the same embarrassment you no doubt faced as you looked across the net and witnessed Serena going through her warm-up routine while dressed in a formal jacket.

This jacket is not right, y'all.
This jacket is not right, y’all.


OK, I can’t even with that jacket. Nike produced that jacket for her. I have to assume that they must have some sort of plan to sell it to other people. I mean, I wasn’t a business major, so I don’t have an in-depth understanding of economies of scale. But I get the broad strokes. So, I have to guess that there is an assumption that this jacket that Serena was sporting (HA, see what I did there? What? It was funny. Funnyish?) would appeal to other tennis players and even, perhaps, other athletes. But who in the world is buying that jacket? For one thing, how comfortable could it POSSIBLY be to play any sport in? And secondly? It’s fugly as all get out. Damn straight. I believe that sartorial choice has to be the most egregious in all sport fashion. OK, I’m sure there is something I’ve missed that tops this one. It IS grey. It could have been produced in some atrocious color like seafoam green to amp up the fug that much more. So, someone has certainly worn something worse at some point in history. But this one is way up there on the scale of fashion don’t. Right? Or am I underdressed when I play sports, and no one has wanted to break my spirit by telling me I need to up my game? HA! I did it again. See? Right? It’s funny. Huh? No? FINE THEN, GRUMPSTERS!!!

Wimbledon 2013 = meh

The semifinals for both women and men were very exciting, but the finals were anticlimactic. I’m ok with Murray winning, I guess, if only to give the home crowd what they’ve been waiting for patiently for so long. If we’re honest, I think we have to give a fair amount of the credit to a fantastic semifinal performance from del Potro who really weakened Djokovic for the final. I wanted desperately to see del Potro make it to the final though I’m not sure he had enough gas left for it. I certainly don’t feel meh about Bartoli’s win, but I think I’ve made that perfectly clear here in the past few days. I didn’t watch the match. I had OD’d on her and couldn’t take another second of the antics. And I knew I couldn’t bear to see her eke out the win over a tired Lisicki. If Radwanska couldn’t win, I really felt that Lisicki had earned the win for taking out arguably the biggest giant on either side of the tournament in Serena Williams. And certainly that accomplishment means she deserved it slightly more than Radwanska in sheer Wimbledon 2013 value. But no. It was not to be. And I wasn’t really surprised when I heard the outcome though I was very surprised it was in straight sets. Both finals were won in straight sets marking yet another time where the finals of a slam lack the thrill of the semis or even the quarters. I’m hoping the late rounds of the US Open make up for it.

I loathe the middle Sunday, but fortunately Manic Monday at Wimbledon is here!!

NOTE: Spoilers Below!!!


I love the madness of the second Monday at Wimbledon and, though this year is a little different from previous years since some of the notables are missing, my excitement level is just as high. I’ve healed from the loss of Fed, Jo Willy, Sharapova and Rafa, and I’m enjoying all of these close matches.

Of course there was a GIANT upset today. I just finished watching that match, and I must admit that I’m charmed by Lisicki with that smile of hers and that booming game. Quite a miss on Evert’s part. Unless I’m mistaken, I could swear I heard her characterize Lisicki’s game as all power and no strategy and yet she found the one tiny weakness in Serena’s game that allowed her to vanquish her. By pulling her into net, she was able to expose the one small part of the court where Serena isn’t 100% confident. My only concern with wins like this is that the letdown that follows can make it very hard to focus in subsequent matches. I hope this won’t happen in Lisicki’s case.

The other notable match for me so far was the Sloane Stephens and Monica Puig match. I’m thrilled that Sloane got through that one. I love Sloane’s game, but I think the expectations are so high for her that she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders. I hope she’ll be able to do well for herself. I like Puig’s game, too. I’ve seen some of her other matches, and I’ve been really impressed with her. I think she’ll match her success here at the US Open and expect to see a lot more of her next year.

I’m a little disappointed at Bartoli’s easy run. I find her so distracting with her non-stop flailing about in between each point. So I really dislike watching her matches. I know it’s not kind, but I can’t help it. A few practice swings sure. But she jumps around like a kangaroo and takes numerous practice swings between each point. ENOUGH ALREADY. Give your opponent a break. She might want to serve SOME TIME TODAY, UGH!!!

I thought Aga might have her hands full with Pironkova, but I didn’t think she’d drop a set. With Serena out, I think she’s the obvious favorite to win, but this match didn’t go as I expected.

I’m excited to see what else Wimbledon has in store today.