We drove out to a farm to pick out our new family puppy. We selected the breeder specifically because they only have one litter a year which made us feel slightly better for abandoning the SPCA, which is where we found our last (AWESOME AND SORELY MISSED) dog, and what I still feel guilty about not repeating. We’ll be back for our next dog, SPCA!! Or Humane Society!! But my daughter was equal parts desperate for a dog + terrified

Lexi has two personalities. There’s Standard Lexi. And there’s Tail Tuck Lexi. Standard Lexi is your typical puppy who does typical puppy things. Then there’s Tail Tuck Lexi. Witness Tail Tuck Lexi: Tail Tuck Lexi manifestation begins with the random tail-tuck sprint. It may be a circular sprint with no real destination in mind, or it may be a full out run and you have the red dot on your chest as the final destination. If you are her target, you