I was thrilled to see Phil capture his 5th major today, and that it was the British (now The Open Championship) makes it all the sweeter. And what a round!! I knew he had the focus to have a decent round today, but I had no idea he had that round in his pocket! Sorry, Poulter, but his round was better than yours. And also? I’m not really sorry. I always root for Phil first, and then I have a

OK, the traditional holiday season is probably still in the lead by the slimmest of margins. But, Matthew and I love the weekend of The Masters because it’s the first golf major; it takes place in a beautiful setting; and it heralds the approach of summer, my favorite season. I love seeing all the pretty azaleas in bloom at Augusta National and imagine the glorious temperatures the golfers are enjoying down in Georgia, though I don’t really need to imagine