I like to keep it light here, but yesterday was a day of conflict avoidance that left my stomach churning and me wondering if kids’ sports are worth all the drama that comes with them. So, I thought I’d just spew it all out here and hope desperately that somebody could offer some tips for coping. We all love our kids and want them to do well, so I know every one of us has the best intentions. But yesterday

I allowed my son to download this oldie but goodie because it’s funny but not appropriate for MY 8-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO I JUST DISCOVERED IS A MAJOR FAN OF IT. Fortunately, she hasn’t seen the full video since the end really doesn’t work so well for the younger set. In other news, my 8-year old daughter apparently has a wicked sense of humor. Now this one is also funny and way more appropriate.

Good grief! So, I have to talk to the kids about the dangers of spices now, too? I’m not up to this parenting task, and I’m trying not to panic here. The realization that this Cinnamon Challenge has been a thing for years and I’m just hearing about it now is just another thing to keep me awake at night. It’s like the tip of the iceberg. What am I not hearing about that my kids might be exposed to before

I’m continually confused by the popular wisdom on what words are kid-friendly. I know the obvious words to avoid, but I was informed by a little fellow that jealous is a bad word. Come again? First, little man, I was speaking to my friend, not you. Second, I am jealous of the weather that they are having and wish we had warm weather, too. I can use a different word such as envious or covetous, but the meaning is the