She may be interested in renovating. It might be that she has a calling and is just trying to pursue her dream. I definitely think her second calling is to pursue a career in gardening, but that is a story for a different time. But the renovating or the desire to change her environment to meet her needs seems to be a drive of Lexi’s. She’s done this on many a tail-tucking excursion in the house. She rearranges furniture and

It’s just a jon boat. So nothing to get all worked up about. But it does enable us to enjoy some time on the James River. And it gives Lexi a chance to learn how to swim. The hard way. Over the side. With Matthew holding her. Lexi likes to swim — Stephanie Scott (@scottsteph) July 8, 2013 We’ll stop at one of the little sandbars on the next trip and really let her swim. On her own. But

Today we took Lexi to Panera with us and she scoured the sidewalk for foodstuffs while we ate our breakfast. Though she didn’t find any traditional breakfast items to enjoy, she helped herself to a discarded piece of gum and chewed that baby as if she’d been chewing gum for years. To say I was slightly disgusted is a bit of an understatement, but Matthew waded in and extracted it and, after Purelling his hands, returned to his breakfast with

Lexi and I tried to execute a grass angel then got distracted by the sky and may have snoozed for a moment or two. Apparently, Matthew’s very long and arduous weekend of putting mulch down exhausted Lexi as she took a long snooze in the glider. I think it’s safe to say the dog is spoiled rotten. I sat and watched her for a bit and the breeze gently rocked the glider while she slept. I honestly envied her at

Since she insists upon climbing up into the swingset playhouse, it’s important that we teach her how to get down in case she’s foolish enough to climb up there when we can’t rescue her. The first lesson was held this weekend. She didn’t enjoy it.