I think I just need to look at Lexi’s activities in a more positive light. So far, I’ve been spectacularly unsuccessful.

She may be interested in renovating. It might be that she has a calling and is just trying to pursue her dream. I definitely think her second calling is to pursue a career in gardening, but that is a story for a different time.

But the renovating or the desire to change her environment to meet her needs seems to be a drive of Lexi’s. She’s done this on many a tail-tucking excursion in the house. She rearranges furniture and carpets. It may be a feng shui situation, or it may be that she feels that she’s correcting some problems with flow throughout the house. I’m not sure. I go behind her and correct her corrections. This seems to anger her, so she clearly feels strongly about her aesthetic. But her latest change to the rope swing outside, the kids and I feel, is going a bit too far. For one, I don’t think we can call it a rope swing any longer.



I think you can see that nice little red seat in this picture here. It makes for a comfy little ride.



Do you see something missing in this picture to the left? I believe you’ll notice that the cozy seat has been removed. This is a feature and not a bug. I know because I quizzed Lexi at length. She stands by her work. The kids and I feel that the seat was a necessary addition to the rope swing as we are not jungle denizens. We are currently freezing her out because she didn’t even consult us before removing the seat.

So, we got a boat.

It’s just a jon boat. So nothing to get all worked up about. But it does enable us to enjoy some time on the James River. And it gives Lexi a chance to learn how to swim. The hard way. Over the side. With Matthew holding her.

We’ll stop at one of the little sandbars on the next trip and really let her swim. On her own. But Lexi is indeed a water dog. She loved it so much that when we got back to the dock, she jumped out to do her business and immediately jumped back in. And looked at us like what do you mean that’s it. Let’s go again. I’m all good now.



Today was a great day to be Lexi Dog Scott.

Today we took Lexi to Panera with us and she scoured the sidewalk for foodstuffs while we ate our breakfast. Though she didn’t find any traditional breakfast items to enjoy, she helped herself to a discarded piece of gum and chewed that baby as if she’d been chewing gum for years. To say I was slightly disgusted is a bit of an understatement, but Matthew waded in and extracted it and, after Purelling his hands, returned to his breakfast with no signs of a gag reflex or even a hint of distaste. Curiously, Anna was very anxious to learn the flavor of the gum Lexi had chosen though none of the rest of us thought this was important. Thankfully, we were able to finish the rest of our breakfast without further incident. After breakfast, Matthew took Lexi to Deep Run Park while the kids had their tennis lessons. Apparently she was a little intimidated by all the dogs there as she kept her tail firmly planted between her legs during each encounter. She was so tired after the long session of exercise that she crawled into the backseat, turned her back on Matthew and fell into a nice, deep sleep on the way back to pick us up. She rested up during the midday hours as we had prepared her for our afternoon outing with some new canine friends who would introduce her to their local creek. She had a lot of fun with her new friends in and out of the creek.

In the creek:

Out of the creek (and Lexi jumps over her new friend at the end of this one):

To get rid of the tick hitchhikers that we knew had almost certainly grabbed a spot or two on their new host while Lexi played around this afternoon, we gave Lexi a bath when we got home. She didn’t like this water activity anywhere near as much as she liked the previous one.


IMG_1038As you can see, she was NOT pleased! She made one nice escape attempt but we quickly shut her down. Now, she’s all tucked up in her dog bed sleeping very soundly, and I don’t expect to see her raise her head for hours. It was the perfect dog day.

We got distracted halfway through our grass angel.

Lexi and I tried to execute a grass angel then got distracted by the sky and may have snoozed for a moment or two.

Incomplete Grass Angel
Incomplete Grass Angel
What Distracted Us
What Distracted Us

Apparently, Matthew’s very long and arduous weekend of putting mulch down exhausted Lexi as she took a long snooze in the glider. I think it’s safe to say the dog is spoiled rotten. I sat and watched her for a bit and the breeze gently rocked the glider while she slept. I honestly envied her at that point. Thank goodness for the pillow. Otherwise these sleeping conditions hinge on barbaric for the poor girl.