The fam and I were shopping for some fruits and veggies the other day and got an earful of the most noxious sound coming from the speakers. I thought about dropping to the floor with my hands over my ears crying “no more please!” but that seemed a bit overdramatic. This song they were playing was ostensibly created to be bland and inoffensive, but it just made the listener feel unaccountably annoyed at the crappiness of the song. I seriously believe

Back in college, my roomie’s friend visited and brought her Smiths tape with her. (Yes, it was a tape, y’all. I’m an old.) Anyway, I heard the track ‘Girlfriend In A Coma‘ and couldn’t wait to hear more. I bought ‘Strangeways,’ ‘The Queen Is Dead,’ and ‘Meat Is Murder‘ and went into lockdown. It was a revelation for me. Hey, these guys are all about dark humor to advance progressive themes. I fell hard for ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again,’ ‘Last Night I

Confession: I love Adam Ant’s music. It’s funny and it makes me want to get up and dance spastically while yelling out the lyrics. I can name a pretty frightening number of songs that I really really like. It’s either a sign of very bad taste, or it’s just a sign of tolerance. You decide. Desperate But Not Serious Ant Music Goody Two Shoes Stand and Deliver Wonderful Crackpot History and the Right to Lie Here Comes the Grump Kings

I used to perform car concerts two or three times a week depending on commutes and how inspired I was feeling by my music selection. But now? I’m down to a measly once or twice a quarter. I travel with kids too much now. I’d have to go with the kid-appropriate rock which severely limits my music choices. But I could do it if there weren’t other issues to be addressed when the kids are present. Anna’d probably be pretty