I loved The Young Ones. My brother, Greg, and I would sneak downstairs late at night after my parents had gone to sleep and watch it on the tv in the living room which, while located on the other side of the house from their bedroom, wasn’t really far enough away to completely muffle all the laughter. I guess we were pretty good at the silent guffaw. Anyway, I was always really happy that MTV rebroadcast those episodes as we

Y’all….. I watched the entire season of ‘MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals’ in one day. I heard that there’s a new season coming up in July and was inspired to search On Demand to see if I could find the previous season. And I did. I love watching these crazy characters compete against each other in all sorts of challenges I know I would never have the courage to attempt particularly with the horrendous hangovers I know these people are bound to