We rented This is 40 at my insistence because I thought it would be a slam dunk with Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and the bonus of a little Melissa McCarthy. These folks are all comic geniuses in my book, and I assumed I was in for another comedy like these favorites of mine: Bridesmaids, The Change-up, Horrible Bosses, and the Wedding Crashers. But oh my wasted time no! I think it’s a stretch to even consider it a comedy. I spent the majority

I hate it when I happen to channel surf into ‘Baby Boom’ because it means I’m about to lose some time and work on some sofa sores. I’m incapable of turning it off. Fortunately they don’t seem to run it very often so that is helpful from a productivity standpoint. There are other movies that cause me to groan and accept that the next couple of hours are going to be spent in the most useless way possible. After all,