Today’s post brought to you by migraines. I wouldn’t be posting at all today if it wasn’t for my incredible parents. My mother escorted my sunglass-wearing self to the doctor for emergency meds for the migraine I’m currently suffering that proved too much for Relpax to handle. Meanwhile, my father was here for my kids and managed after-school activities not to mention aided with devil dog. I should mention that my mother did a MAJOR stint with devil dog today

I’m no David Blaine, but I can turn this: into this: I know what you’re thinking. EWWWWW! Particularly those fiber nuggets, right? Well, I’ll grant you that I do not eat the fiber stuff because I’m not strong enough to make that happen. But that juice? Here’s a secret. It tastes great! No, really!! And as a migraine sufferer, I drink it as part of my migraine prevention strategy. It seems to help. So to summarize: it tastes really good, helps