Mad Men Post Coming Tomorrow

Today’s post brought to you by migraines. I wouldn’t be posting at all today if it wasn’t for my incredible parents. My mother escorted my sunglass-wearing self to the doctor for emergency meds for the migraine I’m currently suffering that proved too much for Relpax to handle. Meanwhile, my father was here for my kids and managed after-school activities not to mention aided with devil dog. I should mention that my mother did a MAJOR stint with devil dog today as well. I hope you’re watching up there, God. These two should get some priority treatment. Momma, you are always here for me, and I owe you a special shout-out to thank you for being always always so good to me!

Thoughts on migraines:

  • If you are a medical professional and you have a patient on the table curled up in the fetal position with her jacket covering her face to block out all light? DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES recommend that she have a glass of wine to ease the pain of her migraine. You are a medical professional yet clearly do not understand a thing about migraines. Migraines are exacerbated by alcohol. This happened a couple of years ago, and I’m still amazed that I received that advice from a medical professional.
  • If you say you have a migraine and pop an Advil and go about your business, then mention that you are feeling relief? That was not a migraine. I sympathize with your pain because headaches suck, but migraines are day(s) killers. They are not something you endure while going about your day; they are beasts that alter your schedule requiring that you make plans to accommodate the pain.
  • A migraine episode makes you feel despair. Yes, that’s the proper word. The end of a migraine episode brings a period of manic happiness wherein you feel as if you’d like to kiss everyone you meet and make plans to spend a long weekend with each and every one of them.

My tips for riding out migraine pain:

  • NO BRIGHT LIGHTS. A dark room is paramount. Depending on the severity of the migraine, I may have to go full bore and put on a blindfold. 
  • A cold or hot washcloth on your forehead is very helpful.
  • SLEEP is always helpful.
  • Sometimes I need complete quiet depending on the severity of the migraine.
  • Maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • ‘Gilmore Girls’ on infinite loop. That show is my go to for migraine pain. I may have to watch it with a blindfold on if the migraine is that severe, but I know every episode by heart so that’s not an issue.
  • Keep the electronic device engagement to an absolute minimum. If you need to work, keep that cold or hot washcloth on your head and it should help.

I drink my vegetables

I’m no David Blaine, but I can turn this:

IMG_6946into this:

IMG_6954IMG_6955I know what you’re thinking. EWWWWW! Particularly those fiber nuggets, right? Well, I’ll grant you that I do not eat the fiber stuff because I’m not strong enough to make that happen. But that juice? Here’s a secret. It tastes great! No, really!! And as a migraine sufferer, I drink it as part of my migraine prevention strategy. It seems to help. So to summarize: it tastes really good, helps to reduce my migraine incidence, and it totally grosses out my son. WIN WIN! Ahem, I mean – WIN WIN WIN! I tell him I’ll coat the fiber pieces in chocolate, cook ’em up and toss ’em in his lunch. He recoils in abject horror every time I threaten to do this, and I giggle and clap my hands with sadistic glee. Anna will actually drink the juice with me in small amounts if the recipe meets her exacting requirements ’cause that’s how she rolls.