We drove out to a farm to pick out our new family puppy. We selected the breeder specifically because they only have one litter a year which made us feel slightly better for abandoning the SPCA, which is where we found our last (AWESOME AND SORELY MISSED) dog, and what I still feel guilty about not repeating. We’ll be back for our next dog, SPCA!! Or Humane Society!! But my daughter was equal parts desperate for a dog + terrified

Why not?

I guess it’s a good thing dogs are domesticated, as their self-preservation sense isn’t as well-developed as one would hope. For example, I opened a jar of this most incredibly tasty chocolate sauce that I sincerely believe was made by the delicate, loving hands of an as-yet-unspoiled human race with only love in their hearts. Because how else can one explain the heavenly taste of this glorious creation? You cannot produce something so pleasing to the palate if you have

This little devil dog of mine is now a year old, and I love her beyond reason.   We decided to resurrect the kibble cake recipe that we fixed for her 1/2 birthday, and she seemed to be pleased.   Happy Birthday, Lexi. Our family wouldn’t be complete without you.

She may be interested in renovating. It might be that she has a calling and is just trying to pursue her dream. I definitely think her second calling is to pursue a career in gardening, but that is a story for a different time. But the renovating or the desire to change her environment to meet her needs seems to be a drive of Lexi’s. She’s done this on many a tail-tucking excursion in the house. She rearranges furniture and

I’m a bit of a chicken-baby. I’ll explain the term “chicken-baby” for those who are new. A chicken is scared, right? Well, a chicken-baby is super scared. That’s where I come in. Oh crap. My brain just supplied an alternate view. Maybe a chicken-baby hasn’t grown into its fear yet, and the chicken is more afraid than the chicken-baby!!! Well, SHUT UP, BRAIN!! I refuse to change my naming convention. I’ve been using the term chicken-baby for two freaking decades

Yesterday, Lexi peed on her Flying Squirrel dog toy. Again. Yes, it’s happened before. Maybe she’s not so good with the aim. I mean, I’m reaching on that, but maybe? She’s peed on it before during one of her tail tucking sessions when she loses touch with reality. But this pee insult was delivered with her faculties intact. So, I tried to attribute it to bad aim because that rested easier in my headspace. And then, she did this!!! Yep,