I just saw this poor woman trip while traveling up an escalator. She looked away and hastily exited the area after retrieving her fallen lunch, and if she had looked up at me, she would have seen that I wasn’t laughing but empathizing with her. One time in college, I was walking in front of this hill where many of the students congregated. I trip-walked OUT OF MY SHOE and tried to nonchalantly play it off by CONTINUING ON MY

So, I carpooled today. With a mosquito. And they are obviously horrible choices for carpool participants. It’s unfortunate not to have the opportunity to opt out of carpooling with a bug of any nature beforehand, but it’s more unfortunate to only discover that you’ve got one of these hitchhikers onboard while moving along at a speedy clip on the highway with a mass of cars on all sides trying to steal your buffers. But let’s face it. That’s how these

Many of you have vanity plates. I do not. Just because I’m not interested in squiring myself and my passengers around town in a vehicle sporting vanity plates, or wouldn’t have anything clever to say on a vanity plate in the first place, certainly doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t be proud to be sporting your vanity plates. I think your vanity plates rock. I love reading them. It keeps things entertaining on the road, and we need all the

Yesterday, Lexi peed on her Flying Squirrel dog toy. Again. Yes, it’s happened before. Maybe she’s not so good with the aim. I mean, I’m reaching on that, but maybe? She’s peed on it before during one of her tail tucking sessions when she loses touch with reality. But this pee insult was delivered with her faculties intact. So, I tried to attribute it to bad aim because that rested easier in my headspace. And then, she did this!!! Yep,

I’ve got a reputation for being map-challenged. This is more a consequence of being annoyed with taking the time to use the map than actually being unable to decipher one. When I’m forced to use a map, I can get the job done and arrive at my targeted destination without arriving at untargeted destinations beforehand. But given the choice, I will choose to wing it. And since I am a woman, the standard trope about how it’s only men who

This dude is so freaking funny. I have worked my way through his entire blog. And I got to his beard maintenance post… No, funny people, I don’t need to maintain MY beard, wankers. Sorry for calling you wankers. You hurt my feelings and I retaliated like a small child. I was wrong. Stop giggling about the beard maintenance though. For real. I can still hear you snickering. Anyway, I was hee hawing my way through the post when I