Fine! I’ll just call them intentions. Take that, haters.

So, welcome to 2014. I have some high hopes for this year. For one, I’m just glad not to see the 13 at the end of that 20. I’m not a numbers person, but I can dig it when I see those number theory  jobbies or whatever the right term is. You know like that movie The Number 23? The movie that I never saw. Which I probably shouldn’t have brought up since it’s undoubtedly an absolute stinker and I’m sure doesn’t even remotely relate to what I’m talking about. Let’s move on. As I think I was starting to say, but now I’m not sure because I lost the thread, I think many people consider 13 to be an unlucky number. So, I’m just glad to get rid of that downer dude all hanging out at the end of 20 like a heavy anchor. Howdy, 14. I’m glad to see you, and type you and write you down a lot.

I’ve got some res intentions for this year that I wanted to get down here so I can’t shirk ’em. And I have to say that I don’t really understand the smug mockery of those of us that do want to make a few of these resolutions. It’s such a natural time to start a little improvement plan. Sure, if you are Satan, and you are planning to embark upon a worldwide tour to spread goodness and light, doing good deeds to all you meet, I’d probably understand the derision. That’s a fairly unlikely result. If you’re Satan. But I’m just an average Josephine, and I think I can make this happen. Thank you very much.

Here’s my resolution for 2014.

Be better than the day before. Hee. Awesome, right? How in the world can I fail at that. If I just do something better than I did the day before, I’m golden. Resolution met! Now, go and kick a dog or something. OK, I’m clearly kidding. That sounds easy, and there is a kernel of something useful there, but there is a  darkness there, too. It actually sets me up for failure. Here’s what I really want to do this year.

  1. Be more aware of how I’m spending my time with the kids. I hear the “Be more present,” advice all the time, and I certainly agree with it. Time just seems to leak from my day, and I’m stuck looking at 8:00 wondering what happened. I want to be more active with the kids, play more games with them, and definitely read with them more. I’ve got glasses. No more excuses about not being able to see the words. Besides, some people think glasses are sexy.  Matthew does. I think he does. Wait, am I still typing?
  2. Stop backloading all the crap tasks. I forget how I lean towards doing the easy things first, leaving the more difficult or time-consuming tasks for later. I always complete the tasks that I dislike, but leaving them for last means that I’m finishing up on the things I dislike doing. I’m pretty sure this is why I’m grouchy. I’m such a genius for figuring this out…..decades late. Way to go, dumbass.
  3. Pay more attention to what I’m putting in my mouth. I know what you’re thinking there, but you got to this site by a search term that done you wrong. Sorry. What I mean here is that I need to pay more attention to what I’m eating and drinking. I’ve been gluten free for 6 months now. (More on that in an upcoming post.) My health has taken a drastic turn for the better since that point. But, I need to keep it up. I still take in A SHIT TON of sugar. I think that’s a measurement. And I think I might feel even better if I was to get that under control. But just paying attention to what I’m eating and drinking makes a huge difference in how I feel. This past 6 months is proof of that.
  4. Take better care of this space. I am happy to have this little corner where I can dump some of this extra junk that my brain’s been housing, so she can have some breathing room up there. It’s pretty cluttered and messy up in her space, and she needs the help. I want to fix this joint up a bit. I got seduced by the new twenty fourteen and jettisoned the twenty eleven theme, but that banner needs help. I know. Also, I need to do some more tweaking. And I want to post more. For my brain. We all know she’s in charge here.

Happy New Year! Brain and Stephanie out.