GIF Source: Should I recap this episode that aired all the way back in 2006? Hell yeah, I should. I mean, it’s not like you gotta stick around for my indulgence, right? As the episode begins, I adore the fact that the mugger has to yell to get their attention as they are all bickering about what is the best movie of all time and, of course, the way the guys flee from the mugger, pushing Dee out of

Don’s scorecard: Don and Ted – Team Ted for the win! I have liked the idea of Ted even before getting the chance to meet his fully fleshed-out character. Because he had all the pizazz of Don: ideas, charm and tons of swagger. And there was the hope that he could be the counterpoint to Don who wasn’t decaying with increasing speed from within. I think we need a character like Ted to gain focus at this point. Don is heading