I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you yesterday. Though I wasn’t able to make your rear acquaintance due to your height, I do believe you would have passed the sniff test. I believe I passed yours? I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had with you. It’s obvious that you enjoy a good game of fetch, and so do I. Yesterday was the best day ever!! I can’t wait to do this again!!! Your niece, Lexi

UPDATE: I went to the pet store yesterday at 12 p.m. to replace the recently departed and got a couple of Kong and Nylabone toys. The Nylabone toys are currently holding strong, but the Kong toys look very sad indeed (see pics) after an hour of quality time with Lexi. The trainer at the pet store was quite helpful and had this to say as I returned them for a refund, “Well, that’s a lab for you.” I gave her a pocket of silence