Why not?

I guess it’s a good thing dogs are domesticated, as their self-preservation sense isn’t as well-developed as one would hope. For example, I opened a jar of this most incredibly tasty chocolate sauce that I sincerely believe was made by the delicate, loving hands of an as-yet-unspoiled human race with only love in their hearts. Because how else can one explain the heavenly taste of this glorious creation? You cannot produce something so pleasing to the palate if you have

I’ve found another source of food. I never received supplementation from any of you after my plea for your help when my human parents moved me to two meals a day. I spent weeks sulking about your betrayal. Then, I realized that it was unfair of me to ask for you to help me out when many of you were suffering the same fate. And then, last night, something amazing happened. I found something in the backyard. Something edible. It