Remember I told you my blog is two years old and change? And remember I said I’d be re-running some oldies for fun. In case anybody (Translation: my massive amounts of viewer — Nope, didn’t miss the plural there. There IS no plural there.) missed these posts and felt this nagging feeling that he/she had missed a chance to waste some time reading something that had nothing of value to add to his/her life? Remember that? Well, here you go. And that’s

I was going to throw together a helpful infographic for this one showing the important things to avoid if you’ve got curly hair. But then I remembered all the text I would need to fit on it, and I realized that an infographic couldn’t contain the sheer enormity of it all. I also realized that I should probably apply for the title of Queen of Verbosity. There is probably some sort of sash and tiara combo that goes along with that, but whatever.

My hair says, “Let’s go to the beach, people! Let’s go right now! Drop everything you’re holding and let’s go, or you are a complete waste of my time!” The rest of my appearance says, “Let’s complete a logic puzzle right now! Or a book! Yes, a book! Come on! YAY! Wait, why are you giving me that face?” I know I’ve talked about my hair before. You’re sick of it. I get it. But it’s been a bit of

What? Don’t you think angels have to style their hair? OK, you’re probably right. Whatever, angels, all having things happen automagically because of the heaven thing. You don’t know from hair problems. Annnnnnyyyyyyyyway, I bought a travel kit of DevaCurl products because my hair is addicted to those magic potions after only a couple of months and won’t look right with any other products. The DevaCurl Set It Free spray was included and I used it to freshen up my

I’ve been to Bombshell a few times now and don’t intend to go anywhere else, and I adore both Tiffany (I hope I spelled her name right) and now Audrey! They are rock stars!! I’ve mentioned my hair woes in a previous post, and I had basically given up hope that I would ever have a style that looked anything other than accidental. But I went in for my first appointment with Audrey this week, and now it appears that

I’ve heard many people of the straight-hair persuasion talk about how they wish they had curly hair. All the while they are swinging their glorious, shiny, straight hair and looking so pulled together and, well, tidy. There’s a better word, but untidy is the word that I associate with my head suit, so I’m going to use its opposite. I’ve had conversations about hair with you people, and I’m looking at your beautiful heads of hair as you’re saying, I