My TV viewing will be so much more enjoyable. Buh-bye Corinne!

Best blindside ever on Survivor last night! Seeing Corinne’s face finally morph into something other than condescension and smugness for once was just so satisfying, and the realization that Michael can again be a fully-formed person instead of just being Corinne’s “the gay” was equally awesome. Welcome back to the real world, Michael. I know he was thrilled to resume complete person status instead of being identified solely based on his sexual orientation. She is just an absolute nightmare, but she’s gone! Woohoo!!

Favorite moments included Cochran winning immunity, Dawn letting Cochran in on Corinne’s strategy since I was so concerned that she was holding a grudge based on their last season, and, best of all, Corinne being voted out after her smug comments during tribal council which may have even influenced Erik to vote as he did.