Some days I think my brain is entertaining herself by making me look like a fool. When I’m going to her for keywords, she’s happy to respond, but she does so in a fashion guaranteed to give her the best opportunity for chuckles. She bundles the word I need with another word that isn’t quite right for one reason or another. Maybe it’s not right for the audience because it’s inappropriate. Or maybe it’s an antonym. Or a euphemism. She delights

I love the word dendrite. Wait, now the word dandruff decided to trump dendrite by providing an image in my head, and I have to retract that statement. Moving on…. If my brain was represented as a room filled with file cabinets containing all my knowledge (insert your mockery here — I’ll give you a head start by saying it could be a small room ha ha ha), I know that all the file cabinets would be ransacked with papers