To Netflix or not to Netflix. That is the question.

I love Arrested Development, but I am not as devoted a fan as the numbers of them that binge-watched Sunday when the new season dropped on Netflix, and now I’m in a bit of a quandary. Because I’ve seen what they’ve been saying on Twitter and elsewhere. And it doesn’t look good folks. I want to know what happens with the Bluths, but right now I’m in happy land where the show was awesome right up to the end. I mean, sure, it may have gotten the teensiest bit jazzhandy at the end, but it’s Arrested Development. If any show can get away with a little scenery chewing, it’s this one. What if I join Netflix and watch the new season and I’m disappointed. And then it’s like at one of those less than stellar dinners when you look down and discover that you’ve totally jacked up your entree/side/side bite progression leaving you with a last bite of bland potato mash left on your plate. You can’t have the last bite of your dinner be bland potato mash.

So what should I do? Should I game Netflix for the freebie month (if they still have that deal) and binge-watch Arrested Development only to discover I’m horribly disappointed in the final season and suffer the extra indignity of being unable to cancel Netflix because I like Netflix. Then the joke is so totally on me that I can’t deal. Huh? Huh? Talk to me, wise people. What should I do? I don’t want to be left saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”







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