So, the ICYMIs continue. No, not because I’m lazy. Mostly, not because I’m lazy. Maybe a teeny, tiny bit because I’m lazy. Why are you still focusing on whether or not I’m lazy? You have to move on. You are obsessed. You should probably see someone about your problem. Sweet Baby Jesus! Tell me this isn’t true! Published on July 26, 2013 This dude is so freaking funny. I have worked my way through his entire blog. And I got to his beard

Remember I told you my blog is two years old and change? And remember I said I’d be re-running some oldies for fun. In case anybody (Translation: my massive amounts of viewer — Nope, didn’t miss the plural there. There IS no plural there.) missed these posts and felt this nagging feeling that he/she had missed a chance to waste some time reading something that had nothing of value to add to his/her life? Remember that? Well, here you go. And that’s

To celebrate my blogversary, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite posts. You know, the ones I actually am not embarrassed about? Or the ones I actually re-read from time to time. I’ll highlight these little ICYMIs interspersed between new content with a title letting you know it’s repurposed. Hmmm, repurposed doesn’t make it sound very good, does it. It sounds awfully close to regurgitated and I KNOW that’s not good because I’ve been looking at an awful lot

This blog turned a year old yesterday — my first post, y’all!!! The same day daylight savings time began and rocked my world as it always does. Matthew changed the clock the night before, as I’m sure most people do, so that we would wake up and look blearily at the clock and know immediately that we needed to get the kids’ to their tennis lessons on time instead of showing up an hour late and trading who we’d point the giant finger