The robots are going to take over the world. Well, the robots or the zombies. Today, I’m obsessing over the robot takeover. And you know the robot overlord will be PISSED at the underperforming spies that have been installed everywhere to learn all our secrets to make that takeover as easy and speedy as possible. Oh sorry, I should probably back up and explain my hypothesis. Which is that all those faulty appliances and electronics we get stuck with? They

This is a good thing because I was feeling pretty lukewarm about doing research regarding salt preservation and other food preservation techniques. Also, my gut isn’t very evolved when it comes to consuming things that have gone “over” so to speak, so I really like my foods to be maintained in a more consistent manner to prohibit any nasty surprises. Not that I’m suggesting that certain people are more tolerant than I. Though that is exactly what I’m suggesting. Or