Why we elected to take a 5-month old, teething puppy on a day trip is a bit of a mystery to me, but we did. Perhaps the little green dudes paid us a visit last night and performed a partial lobotomy after the probe procedure, and there’s an obvious upside to that as I don’t remember the probe procedure, so huzzah! Regardless of the reason, the trip was a surprising success, and all parties are now home and everyone is

I used to perform car concerts two or three times a week depending on commutes and how inspired I was feeling by my music selection. But now? I’m down to a measly once or twice a quarter. I travel with kids too much now. I’d have to go with the kid-appropriate rock which severely limits my music choices. But I could do it if there weren’t other issues to be addressed when the kids are present. Anna’d probably be pretty

Today’s post brought to you by migraines. I wouldn’t be posting at all today if it wasn’t for my incredible parents. My mother escorted my sunglass-wearing self to the doctor for emergency meds for the migraine I’m currently suffering that proved too much for Relpax to handle. Meanwhile, my father was here for my kids and managed after-school activities not to mention aided with devil dog. I should mention that my mother did a MAJOR stint with devil dog today

I hope all the mothers out there are having a spectacular day! I’m doing what I know my mother did on many of hers. Refereeing battles between my two kids. Good times. This is WAY OVERDUE, but I’m sorry we did that to you, Momma! And I love you! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Anna marched her little self downstairs this morning, made me breakfast and brought me breakfast in bed. That child of mine exceeded all my expectations (and my own

You know when you realize you’re having a sucky day? When you realize that in the family pecking order, you rank below the stupid dog. It should have been obvious sooner, I guess. I am following little princess around picking up her dung. What bigger signal is there that you rank below a being than that you are picking up their shit? But, the realization became a little more clear as I dropped the kids off at their respective schools