My two favorite tennis players had incredible wins! CELEBRATE!

I am a huge Federer fan and have been cheering for him since the very beginning of his career. It’s his style of play. I’ve always preferred the players with finesse. I’ll always choose to watch the player who can execute all variety of shots and craft any number of different types of plays as the point requires over a player who stands at the baseline and hits booming ground stroke after booming ground stroke. I like power, too. My favorite players have both. Obviously, Roger has power in his game. His serve, while certainly not the fastest, has enough speed to be a major weapon. His forehand is a thing of beauty. But his backhand is a weakness, and nobody will argue that point. Yet, he is a player who will load up the intangibles column because of his artistry. The racquet is like an extension of his arm. He just moves around the court like he was born to play. Watching him finally move to the net more like I’ve been begging him to via my TV for the past year or so has been a treat because he has magic hands and great instincts. It’s starting to pay off based on the Tsonga and Murray matches. Am I worried about Nadal? Obviously. I don’t think Fed can take him. It’s mental. I think Fed has a tendency to succumb to mental lapses in all of his matches. They can be brief, or they can last as long as a set. I think with Nadal he has the added mental issue where he believes that Nadal is better. I think Nadal has him beat mentally and the minute he can undo that knot, he can win. But, it’s awfully late in the game to work on the knot. But if he is able to jump ahead early AND AVOID A MENTAL LAPSE (that’s a big if), I think he can win if he plays more aggressively like he has been doing in the past few matches. I really like the influence that Edberg appears to already be having on his aggressiveness. Aside to Edberg: Please address the mental lapses. Those are killers.

My former favorite female tennis player, Justine Henin, played similarly to Roger. I miss Henin! But that’s ok because I have had a new favorite female player for a few years. And even though my favorite female player isn’t so much with the power, you don’t want to face her in a match when she’s at the top of her game because she will dismantle yours. Just ask Azarenka. I love Radwanska, and I will drop anything I’m doing to watch her play because she is mesmerizing. I watched so many of her points in the Azarenka match  giggling with happiness because she was the master of that tennis court and the player across the net. She’s such an artist, and she put on a clinic demonstrating how to construct points, games and a winning match against a top player. I think she’s got a great chance at this title if she can avoid that slump that happens so often after taking out a big player. Ivanovic broke my heart when she was unable to capitalize on her big win over Serena.

I’m so excited to see the rest of the tournament!!

Well, Fed, I think you can put the Andy Murray voodoo doll back in storage for the rest of the year.

I kid, of course. One thing all pro sports players understand and sympathize with is a defeat like Murray suffered yesterday. Particularly Federer, as he’s fresh off one of his own. They should meet up for a little commiserating party, although that sounds terribly sad, and neither of them seems particularly inclined. Too stoic to participate in a pity session. In the best way. I think the way both of them handled their defeats was graceful, and that’s behavior you want kids to witness and emulate. No temper tantrums that I have to explain away to JT, so he won’t think it’s normal and acceptable, though it’s becoming annoyingly so.

Did you see Wawrinka’s face fall when he sat down for the press conference, grinning like he just played the match of his career, and received lukewarm applause? It was sad. Wawrinka’s been living in Fed’s shadow for years. He’s a great guy who finally has his moment in the sun, and I think it’s pretty ridiculous the press couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for the guy. It’s ok, Wawrinka. Just let that be your motivation in the next round. You’re going to need it against Djokovic. You know, Wawrinka probably had the toughest road of anyone if you look at who he’s played. His draw was nasty.

I have to mention my extreme disappointment that the Bryans are out of the doubles. I love watching them play, and I was hoping to see them complete the single year Grand Slam. (Yes, I do think it should be capitalized.) But they certainly came up against a team who outplayed them.