Peanut butter and kibble “cake” looks as nasty as it sounds, but Lexi was a fan.

We made a “cake” for Lexi’s 1/2 birthday. It’s possible I missed my calling.


And then again, it’s possible that I didn’t. Looks pretty sad doesn’t it? But Lexi could not have cared less. What you are looking at is kibble with water that has congealed into a cakish solid with a peanut butter frosting heart and a carrot candle. It’s only a 1/2 birthday, so I think it works. Lexi was pleased to have a peanut butter bonus with dinner so she was hopping around like it was Christmas.


Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lexi

So I’m feeling sentimental. I’m obviously not feeling very crafty, however. Witness this pathetic attempt at a party hat stand-in….

IMG_7353We are planning on stepping up our game this evening with a peanut butter and kibble cake. I think the memory of that pet hospital visit is too vivid because ordinarily I wouldn’t do this. Sadly, I’m pretty lame when it comes to these things. But today, let’s do this. Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lexi. We love ya, girl!